ROC/ MCA Compliances

Doing Annual Compliances for a registered Company/LLP is legal compliance. Failing in ROC filing may result in making liable for late fees , make the registered entity defunct or remove name from ROC. Majorly directors/partners may also become disqualified for non compliance. Therefore ROC compliances are a crucial part of maintain a Company/ LLP.

We provide services in the following areas in India -
  • Incorporation of Limited and Private Limited companies, One Person Companies (OPC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Secretarial Services including effecting changes in Memorandum, authorized capital, name, objects,  partner or director addition/deletion
  • Drafting of Board Notices and resolutions
  • Annual Return filing with Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Director KYC, DPT-3 Filings , MSME Filings
  • Due Diligence (DD) – Financial, Accounting and Legal
  • Charge creation and satisfaction of charge
  • Company winding up services
  • Conversation of an entity to private limited or vice versa

We S.V.Bhat & Co.,have been providing Company Law services to various industries such as Information Technology (IT), manufacturers, real estate , traders, Ecommerce, hospitality etc.. In case you need these services, we would be glad to assist you. Please write to [email protected]