Maintain Accounts and Book Keeping

Robust accounting practices is a must-have for all business in order to ensure that accurate financial data is provided to Management, Regulators, and Investors. It is a mandatory requirement to submit financial records with various essentials filings, and the same is required for tax assessments. Irregular accounting could thus become the bane of business.

Reasons for accounting:-

The following are the primary reasons why enterprises should keep good accounting practices –

  • Statutory Compliance– Details of financial transactions are required to be submitted along with various regulatory filings and thus needs to be tracked throughout the course of business.
  • Managerial Decision Making– Robust accounting provides businesses with the financial data required to make better business decisions. Effectiveness of campaigns, product lines, etc. can be easily tracked through good accounting.
  • Investor Green-signal– Well maintained accounts of an enterprise help inspire confidence in prospective investors.

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